I'm new to Halo Waypoint, HELP!!!

I’m new to Halo Waypoint and I need a bit of help with the following things:

Games not showing up in service record. - I’ve played through all of the Halo games but they’re not showing up on my service record, except for Reach, which I only recently started playing. But even then it doesn’t show that I beat the game once or any of my campaign stats. I played the entire campaign offline legendary and got all my achievements legit, and while it shows my achievements it doesn’t show my progress and doesn’t show any information on legacy games like Halo 3 and ODST.

My Awards show up from my achievements earned but it shows a weird date associated with it like 1/1/1753. I didn’t know halo was around in the 1700’s, 200-some-odd years before I was born?

Is this a perma-glitch or can this stuff be fixed and who would I have to talk to to fix it?

PLEASE HELP and thanks!

First welcome to Waypoint =) Now for the bad news, 343 is not focusing on stats from any other Halo games besides Reach and the impending Halo 4.