I'm Making Prefabs based on Mega Bloks Sets!

Over the past few years Mega Bloks has given Halo fans plenty of amazing sets based on the universe they love. They’ve introduced us to new vehicles from ONI, gave us our first look at several vehicles from upcoming Halo games, and took our favorite universe and allowed us to craft it into whatever we wanted. Now, Mega Bloks is coming to Halo 5.

Mega Bloks sets have seen various structures added into their sets to give them some nice environmental pieces for you to display your figures and sets on. Whether it was the giant battlescapes or the small weapon holders in the armory sets, they added to the value of the set. Well I loved some of them so much that I took them and put them into Halo 5’s forge as prefabs for the community to use.

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Currently five prefabs exist and there’s more on the way:

  • The damaged UNSC Recruitment Center from the 2011 set ODST Ambush - The small cover made from stone and wood featured in the 2015 set ODST Troop Pack - The armory from the 2015 set Containment Armory - The cargo dock from the 2015 set Smuggler’s Intercept - And finally, the damaged building from the 2015 set Covenant Drone Outbreak setAll of these prefabs can be found on my file share or by using the tag ‘megabloks’ and I also have taken some items from those prefabs, the flood light and a piece I use in a few of the prefabs, and made them into separate prefabs if you want to use or improve them. I’ll be trying to bring more of the Forerunner and Covenant items to forge in the future such as the power nodes from the Siege Bike set or the Brute sniper tower and barricades from the Brute Lance set!

Oh, and I made giant Chief Heads that play music (currently one plays Trials and the other Blue Team) based on those recently announced Bluetooth speakers so have fun with those.

I’ve got some of those sets, and these look spot on. Well done. Might use em if I’m ever in Forge and want to make a city battle or something.

Thats a pretty nice idea you came up with and as a collector of the Halo sets those look pretty good, im sure many forgers or just fans in general will have a nice time looking or using them.