I'm losing my loadouts since the Champions...


My load outs keep resetting over and over again ever since the champions bundle DLC update release, it already happen 5 times(To day twice :P).

Anything I can do to avoid this? Is quite annoying.

Thank you very much.

This happened to me as well, oh well I can just fix my loadouts the way were before and BAM problem solved. :slight_smile:

It’s a known issue guys and a fix is being worked on. The support section has a thread dedicated to it

I couldn’t find it with the searcher or Google, this system never works for me.

Any ways, thank you very much to both of you, good to know its a known issue :slight_smile:


There’s been various bugs after champion released my brother had his classes set to and since we share the same console sometimes my armor changes to his armor.Also the file browser is shut down and if you wear ODST, Prefect, Ricochet, and Mark V in spartan ops you have recruit on those are the bugs I know so far