Im looking!

Hello, Im looking for a active clan to join. Im 39, i have a working mic. I live on the east coast of the U.S. I love cookies and dark beer.

You can come check out CPG if you’d like to. I see your 39 so I assume you probably have other responsibilities than halo 4 such as a job and maybe a family. CPG tends to adhere to its members needs there are various changes we’ve recently made so that we can accommodate people. All of our 4 leaders have full time jobs so we know that people with other responsibilities won’t always be on and thats perfectly fine. We have 10 practices a week, 2 each day at 5 est. and at 8 est. If you’d like to join just shoot me a message on xbox GT: CPG TaterFudge. Hope to hear from ya :smiley:

You could join the Federation Lords? We aren’t much but you can still join if you like to have fun!