I'm looking to join a new clan

Hola, I’m looking to join a new clan, I’m better than average and am looking for an active clan that I can have some fun and partake in some clan battles with just send a message to my GT: SHYS7IE

Check out FCwars.net =)

Will do

Cool! If you have any questions, just message me =)

If you do not settle with another clan, you could check out Spartan Corps. We are a professional and very serious clan. You can read about us at spartancorps.halofight.com

As a matter of fact I was just contacted by skittles

Wow, well you can check us out. We only accept people who are dedicated and are willing to work hard


If your looking for a fun and serious clan well look no fearther you’ve found H117. You can check out our offical clan website www.haloh117.webs.com we also have a facebook page , twitter , youtube , and we are regestered on three different clan websites. you can find links to these on our clan website under “Links”. Message me for any questions or comments.