I'm looking for Warzone Players

I would like to play with more warzone people, specifically a team would be nice. My Spartan company is never online, and I would love to sit down with anyone who is willing to play.

Please se help me out?

Hi Zalrohg Lekgolo

I play warzone daily with full fireteams feel free to add me and i’ll invite you if i see you online and have room.

I play a lot of warzone. I’m not the best player, but I also haven’t been able to play with a full team in warzone that communicates. It’s been more like FFA, but still fun to play.

Thank you both! Is there anyone else that would be willing to add and play? I play daily!

I play nightly! I would love to team up with you guys also. I have another thread like this where a lot of ppl have signed up. Come add these guys and maybe we all can farm some req and have a good time. Thanks!



Feel free to add me. I’m usually online EST afternoons/evenings. If I’m in a different game just send a message.

hey man! I actually got on the forums just now to see if any random people wanted to play and have some fun! You should add me to your lobby, ZACxATTACKx69 I play a lot of warzone but I’m not apposed to arena if we were to play that later

I can’t sign into my other account, but it’s ll Rapture ll add me whoever

I play everyday. Feel free to add me.
gt: ripzoneninja
i do like my competitive halo though so I may not always be available despite being on.