Im looking for some (preferably)European players to join a special forces squad.

If you arnt from the UK that is alright too, i’m looking for some guys to be in an elite personal squad of eight, im hosting tryouts for anyone who sends me a message on XBL (gt: B1ohazardPunk). The spots i need filled are 1 officer, 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, and 4 privates. (NOT HALO RANK but the rank ill assign to people). It will be a branch off of my main clan ODST 113th Rifle Battalion, which goes by normal U.S. army rank, but this squad will have the equivilent ranks in Ireland’s National Defense rank. We have a website, and a group. We have a machinima currently being made about us too, so we have a lot going on. We are on every night and there are currently 24 of us.

Also if you are just interested in joining the ODST 113th Rifle Battalion, send me a message about that too!