im looking for players

Im tired of these random players who go 3 and 17 etc. So I am lookimg for 3 players to create a team for area, slayer and team arena mainly. I live in central time so if you have a close time zone it would be best for this to work out nicely. Im just wanting a team where we can all jump on and play together and get onyx and champion etc.
To be able to join all you need to do is:
-Have a mic
-Be at least 14 years old or older
-Be desent at the game.(I dont look at kd because my kd is low due to me just not caring who gets the kill just as lomg as our team gets a point so i domt look at kd.
-know callouts(if you domt know all them thats alright it will become habbit eventually)
Message me back if you are intrested or message alpha chief 14 on xbox live. I would prefer the xbox message btw.


You can always join our spartan company. We form teams regularly and I’m sure there are plenty of people in your time zone

Company: Heavenly Sword
Contact: Truth Eternal

Im pretty good invite me if you need a 4th