I'm Looking For Players.

Hello everyone. I am looking for players to help me complete my “Flag Victory Commendation”.
I have it at 4/5
11 out of 150 but I have been getting nothing but really lame players that suck and get always paired against the players that actually have skill.
Now I am here and looking for a few players to help me out to complete my commendation. I would really appreciate it a lot if anyone could help me out with completing it.
If you wish to help me out my gamertag is listed below just message me saying you wish to help me out with my flag victory commendation and I will invite you.
GT: xI AI Ix
Thank you for your time and for your help if anyone decides to help me.

I am pretty good at CTF invite me.

I could get some CTF commies out of the way. Let me
know via XBL.

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I have actually seen the promised land, and have Vanguard CNVG in my personal armor inventory to prove it! I can provide support tomorrow evening.