Im looking for a Team

Okay, so the low down, I’m 24, active duty Army looking for a casual gaming community. I play primarily single player games these days, but enjoy playing Halo as my primary FPS and matchmaking game.

I’m not looking to join a clan that requires me to attend crap loads of practices or events, its not that I wouldn’t like to, but with my schedule its simply not feasible.

I am willing to change my armor color and emblem, I am also willing to change my name if necessary, however I will not change or alter my armor unless I so choose.

I have had experience with large clans and running my own, I was the commander of The Reckoning (no longer in existence) and the director of the Virtual Gaming League (no longer in existence).

I am seeking a stable, well structured community. Hit me up here for more information or clan details.

Well, since you’re Army, just thought I would extend the War Simulation Community Forerunner Conflict out to you:

Best of luck in your future endeavors!

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Come check us out HALO SOCIAL CLUB @ where the fun never stops!!!
refer bomber

Well if you want to join my team/clan , just send me a message .
Gamertag : DjDan994

The Sith Empire is the place for you.

Just msg me if you are interested or check out our site