I'm looking for a swat team

First and foremost, I am looking for a TEAM, not a company.
None of my friends play halo as much as I do, so I typically lone wolf arena. I mostly play swat, so I am looking for a team that also plays a lot of swat. I’ve reached diamond rank in this playlist multiple times but have never broken through to onyx. I blame the fact that I play alone. Ive ran with randoms for a few games who were pretty cooperative, but nothing more than that. I often play against high ranking players and am able to hold my own pretty well. I’ve played against champ 1 and champ 2 in the same match, “Warning”, “PartyUpGaming Legends”, and a few other fairly notable teams.

I guess I’ll organize some of my stats…

Level: 119
Current Rank: Diamond 4
Arena KD: 1.117 (1118 games, 571 wins) ~Edit~ Just realized I have 117 in my KD, that’s kinda cool.
Overall KD: 1.216
Time Zone: PST - Pacific Time
Times I Play: I’m on almost every weekday around 8pm or 9pm PST, just depends on my workload. I’m on every Friday and Saturday night without fail (sometimes I’m playing other games with my buddies though).

I don’t really know what else to put other than I’m just really trying better myself as a player. I’d really like to play with a team that is very cooperative, utilizes callouts, has their own strategies, and plays to win. Swat is really my primary focus here, but if I could find a team that could jump between different arena playlists, that would be very cool.

I guess that’s all I’ve got for now. If anybody would like to let me join in with them, I would really enjoy it. You could reply to this, message me here on waypoint or on xbl, anythings fine by me. Let me know what you think.