I'm literally crying right now

Sorry mods for no Halo or Xbox.
My stupid self wanted free games on Origin and Steam. Well, I saw a Youtube video telling of a website called [REDACTED] helping people get free Origin/Steam games. I did what it said, but my version didn’t get the results.
My email account password has been changed, my Steam deleted (I had Black Ops 2, 1, and MW3), and my Origin, which had Battlefield 3 Premium, MoHWF Project Honor, BF1942, BF2142, BF1943, Mass Effect 3, FIFA 13, pre-ordered Titanfall, and BF4 Exclusive Beta. I’m an idiot. And now I’m paying the consequences.

I’m sorry for what happened to you but I’m going to report this so the website name can be removed from your thread. We don’t want anyone else having the same issue.

OP, it was your own damn fault for falling for that, if it was the Humble Bundle then I’d be more inclined to suggest help, but all I’m going to say is. Do your research BEFORE even touching a website that is promising “FREE GAMES”.

Also, I don’t know about Steam, but Origin will most likely help you, but for future advice, don’t EVER trust web sites saying “Free software/games”, or anything free for that matter, do your research.

Also, any web site asking for personal information IE email, passwords, and other such information should of sent up red flags the size of the sun.

Sorry OP, that stinks. However, as you noted, this has nothing to do with Halo and/or Xbox. Also, please don’t list malicious websites - we don’t want others to run into the same problems.