I'm liking these changes...

Honestly, I liked many of the changes introduced with Spartan Abilities. They seem like they are balanced (with the exception of the ground pound). However, I didn’t see the beginning part of the gameplay, so any additions and details are appreciated.

I felt the ground pound was kind of OP, but I’m sure that can be patched. What do you guys think about the new additions? Also, can someone fill me in about the sprint situation?

Seem like 343 took what people were asking in terms of balanced abilities we all can use into account. These things are just the new dual-wielding and vehicle boarding of Halo features.

Completely agree. Everyone essentially wants classic game play for each new Halo game and that’s just not gonna work. I want to feel like a Spartan and that game play looked like it’s going to deliver. I’m so stoked for this.

These new additions are in essence an evolution of dual-wielding. Everyone has access to them and they make the experience refreshing.

Initial reactions:
The community seems divided. That, assuming that the people on this forum are an accurate representation of the wider Halo community.

Personally I really like what I see. I think the gameplay is interesting.
These abilities hopefully, if done right will bring up the skill curve of the game, making it an interesting experience.
This is anti-thetical to the casual vein of Halo 4.

I can’t see the problem a lot of people complained saying Halo needed a change and I think this is the change it needed

I’m really looking forward Halo 5 with these new big additions!
And I don’t see any balance issue with the SA until I see or play it I will judge them entirely.

I too like the changes that I saw in the video. It feels more like a spartan. It makes more sense. Sure the clamber thing will change the pace of the gameplay but it has the core elements of what made halo 2 great. Fair starts competitiveness.

Good tier:

Meh tier:

343-what-are-you-doing-no-please-stop tier:
Ground Pound

I didn’t actually see anyone successfully use Ground Pound. I think it’ll really only OHK if you land right on top of them/within a foot or 2 of them. Plus you sit in the air for awhile while it charges, so I think it’ll be more balanced than we think right now. Of course, final judgement should be withheld until the beta.

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> Good tier:
> Thrust
> Meh tier:
> Climb
> 343-what-are-you-doing-no-please-stop tier:
> Ground Pound
> Sprint

I don’t think Ground Pound will be too much of a problem assuming that time they hover in the air leaves them vulnerable AND with the movement features allowing you to get away with Thrust.