I'm just so angry at halo 5 and 343!!!!

look halo 5 is a fantastic game and the gameplay is outstanding the best in the series if you ask me. I’m just angry 343 doesn’t learn they really don’t. I understand split screen deal although dissapointing im over that. But come on with the lack of playlist and maps and everything including forge online. This is some bs really it is. First off forge and customes should be offline as well. Forge to make your maps and customes to test your maps. Halo 5 servers have been bad the past couple weeks and of your game is only playable online besides campaign then the connection should NEVER go out no matter what and they should make sure. Not only that but what if your area has a internet outage like mine did last month with my cable provider. Or you just really got behind and were late on the bill. Any reason whatever you should still be able to forge in downtime. That’s completly unfair and dumb of 343. Then today they take away team doubles. Are you kidding me, it’s clearly a very liked playlist and loved by many yet they still take it down. The playlist is clearly made since they add it in all the time and take it away. So why not just leave it for good. It makes no sense. It’s just dumb little things that 343 could fix quick but they don’t. And by the time they do people will be on to other games. I’m only complaining cause I care about halo 5 and a big fan and I want people to stick around for a while.

I feel ya, Doubles is my favorite

You got my vote for a permanent doubles playlist. All that made me want to play the short time it was available.