I'm in absolute love with the new carbines!!

Seriously I just had to profess my new undying love for these new weapons. they are so satisfying to use. and the full auto feature makes it a surefire way to rack up kills. I was able to clear out the fortress twice on assault when defending with this thing. props 343.


Big fan of the carbines, haven’t been in the mood to try the new ones yet, but I know what you mean. They rack up kills faster than you can say headshot.

I just don’t seem to like Rain of Oblivion so far, maybe if I get used to it I will. Blood of Suban is pretty sweet though, been wanting a needlerifle…which is basically what it is

I love them too. But i completed the commendation in Dec so i just sell them now. But i did try them

Carbine>Battle Rifle

I’ve always loved the carbines. Still haven’t gotten one of the new ones. :C

I haven’t been able to use the new ones yet, I’m looking forward to them.