I'm having problems with Halo 4!

I have just recently encountered a problem with halo 4. About a week ago I was playing the game just fine. I then started it up the next day, and I got to the menu and I had to choose memory device as I did, it exited. The screen came up with “checking downloadable content data.” It continues to say that. I have tried cutting on and off my xbox, restarted router, created other accounts and attempted, I dont know what to do. Can anyone reply with a solution?

Go to the Dashboard. Then go to Storage > Games > Halo 4. Look for the 3 DLC packs and see if any of them have a Yellow Triangle with an “!”, which indicates it’s corrupted. If so, just delete it and redownload it. If that doesn’t work, then delete the System Cache from your HDD.

Let us know if you run into any corrupted files and we can continue to investigate an issue from there.