I'm having a game in about an hour. Join in! (and such)

I’m having a custom game in an hour and 30 minutes. I don’t expect anything huge however I’m hoping I can get some folks in.

Custom Games. And maybe some Match Making to pick up some people

2:30 am (eastern, I live in New York)

Why not? A pretty average sized late night custom game never hurt.

The Dude Man19 (me) add me. And you. Come on. And folks.

Halo Reach.

With Games like
“War” on some custom forged maps

“Team Slayer” on random maps

“War CTF” on Coug, and more.

Also will give party leader to those with cool custom games, I’m low on that department I will admit

The Dude Man19 My GT. Add me now.

For the future

I’m keeping this thread active because I will do this every so often. I play Reach a good amount and will take friend requests all the time. Custom games are not dead. At least not on my watch

INFO: (Forgot to mention this]

War is a Slayer Game in which weapons and loadouts are more balanced. Variety is key. Player speed is boosted, armor is boosted, while weapon damage is much higher. Kill times are a little shorter. Take cover.

Loadouts are balanced. DMR and Needle Rifle do not have Armor Abilities and few grenades. However The Assault Rifle, Plasma Repeater and Plasma Rifle come with AA’s, Giving them a good chance in a fight.

War CTF_

Not really the same as WAR, however takes some of the same mechanics. WAR CTF is played on a customized version of Blood Gulch. Two rounds. 5 or more minutes each. Offense has 5 minutes to get as many caps as possible. (infinite limit on 5 minute time line).

Defense gets turrets, one Fuel Rod Cannon, and two bunkers (added to the base) and a few small vehicles. While Offense gets a lot of vehicles and a stripped based.

Yo this thing happening or not?

sadly my live, which is wireless, went fail mode last night and still is. Internet is having problems

Yet add me anyway.

Doing one very soon tonight

Come on. Add me.