Im gonna be honest this forge is BAD

The maps I have been working on have been cancelled and no further updates will be added I am taking a long as hell break or may not even go back to Halo 5s Forge.

The map can be downloaded and see if anyone cares to fix this trash because I stopped caring after millions of trial and Errors.

  • Spawns do not work at all making players wait a long time, I had to make each match time short just to give a quick reset so spawns can work again.

  • The weapons in the sandbox keep vanishing and do not spawn causing more problems, why do Guardians punish me!? D:

  • The vehicles are another problem as well since they do not spawn. Try this map now and the scarab gun keeps disappearing and many others.

  • Prefabs are so bad they don’t function well, they disappear, fall apart and in most cases just fly off in the AIR!. I have never called a -Yoink!- tank an air born missile with the speed of a freaking ballistic missile.

  • Due to the lack of a theatre mode for forge, most these issues cannot even be showcased or shown due to them being unpredictable.

-The biggest insult if players leave the game, your screen freezes…but it does not for some people, ill let you piece together what is wrong with that.

  • The f********* loading, this is an issue for every custom match, where the game has started and you have spawned in but the game still loads giving enemies a chance to kill you while you cannot do anything because your in the black screen still loading! making It look like I’m having a senior moment.

  • I cant delete stuff that gets accidently put out of the map what kind of s*** is that about!? On Reach you could do that why not here!?

I am not happy with forge and will not build maps on Halo 5, it is broken. Thank you for listening to my rant hope Halo Infinite Forge improves upon what hell this donkey dooky suppose to be. I have never had any problems with forge in any halo game but this really gets me mad.

I’m sorry 343 I rather have the unholy and bad Halo 4 forge than this and that’s saying something.

I do not like being negative but these are issues that have plagued this game, many friends of mine have expressed these problems they NEED attention and need to be FIXED.

Add to that constant random disconnects and game crashes without error messages. Those really made me lose my interest in Forge after only 2 days, which is a shame because it was really fun.

I don’t blame you mate. I’ve been running into soo many hurdles with my own projects. It seems that 343 tried to fit too much on their plate when it came to Halo 5 forge. As a result, a lot of the features that worked in previous games were sacrificed, even then, the new features that they did implemented don’t work as well as they should.

Maybe I’ll look over your maps and see if I can fix them, hopefully that would re-modivate you to continue to develop your maps. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for Halo Infinite, but if 343 does the same thing they did with Halo 5, then the future won’t look too bright for Forge.

Past days have been quite an experience. The map has been fixed, thanks for the support.

I’m gonna be fair here most of these issues happen to me too lol

I agree it’s hard for me to use it.