I'm glad they added Ranked so we have somewhere to cool down after Quickplay

The Sidekick spam meta that’s ossifying runs counter to every stated casual-friendly goal of 343.

(I say this as a Magnum fan.)


I play quick play very often and all I see is Ar spam, only skilled players use the sidekick

I don’t really see this so often that it’s a problem, but controller players with a red reticle dome me from long distance so easily lul. With a MnK I really struggle with landing clean 7 or 8 shot kills with it. Been putting a lot of practice in.

The red reticule on the Sidekick doesn’t have long distance on controller. You can use it effectively at all beyond a certain range. As far as I can tell it is a very balanced weapon.

It is funny the concept of ranked being easier than social though lmao. I’ve had a big mix of player skill in quickplay I’d say. Some games everyone is really good and in others score has been 200-0 in strongholds.

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I agree, though to be fair, the BR has always been easier to use than the magnum or AR. It’s consistent across almost any range and head shots are all you have to worry about; it’s very easy to use. So, BR starts will always make the game more casual, I think. I do still like that ranked is BR starts, but just saying.

This is funny to me because its supposed to be the opposite

I find that hammering the mouse at close range is mechanically way simpler than doing the same with an analog trigger pull. Obviously, I acknowledge that Aim Assist has a role to play too.

I guess that’s part of my point. Playing with higher skill players, especially MnK users, becomes very difficult on small maps where Sidekick play is predominant.

I just think there needs to be an easier to use pistol. Right now, the Sidekick is very difficult to use at mixed ranges (and arguably flat-out bad to use because of bloom), but in a really specific circumstance (close range), it can be heavily exploited by players who are committed to close-range melting. So it’s generally inaccessible.

I find it especially bizarre, because they removed the Magnum to curb complaints about its overuse. So they replaced it with a bad, inaccessible gun that just happens to have the fastest TTK outside of power weapons. And that hurts casual players more than anyone else.

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I started infinite with mnk and i was struggling because at close range the strafe speed is too fast and i cound’t track targets very well especially with the sidekick, now i switched to controller and i feel my accuracy has improved considerably

Quick Play is just an AR spray fest. I started doing it as well instead of mainly using a sidekick and I’ve been going positive in every game.

The optimal TTK of the Sidekick is faster than the AR. I imagine the farther up the SBMM ladder you go, the more you’ll find players committed to exploiting the Sidekick.