I'm glad the current XP system gives less XP the longer you play

There I said it. I actually like the way this new system works, more than a consistent XP reward.

Why? Because it fits their narrative of what they promised us, a game that doesn’t feel like a second job that you have to grind.
When you have XP rewards that get lower the longer you play it quickly becomes an organic way of getting you to play less. You’re not supposed to spend hours leveling up your characters in video games, it’s not healthy.
So getting less rewards the longer you plays will make you less inclined to spend several hours playing the game, unless of course you have a gaming problem and will force your way through 50XP because apparently the next level is so important it can’t wait until tomorrow.

So yes, I like this new system, it gives me a goal for the day and after that I can either play just for fun with friends or do something else.
I don’t have to grind through 50XP per match just to get somewhere, I can play 7 matches and then I’m done for the day unless I still have some Weekly Challenges to get through.


You sound like a concerned parent complaining to the developers because they made their game too addicting and fun. People should be trusted to moderate their own behavior. Lets not put that responsibility in 343’s hands.

343 should just make the best game they can, and we’ll decide when we’ve had enough.


except I know for a fact that people can’t do that, I haven’t heard of a single person who says ‘‘you know what? That’s enough for today’’ it’s always ‘‘oops look at that, 2am. One more game though’’

if anything it should be the other way around and it should cap out at 300xp per game after that

idk about that one, if anything doing it that way should cap the XP earning after a set number of games before defaulting back to either 50 or 100.
The current system gives you PLENTY of opportunities to level up without much thought, there’s no reason why we should be handed this XP on a silver platter, especially since we have until MAY to grind out the Battle Pass.

Enjoy not having anything to play towards by the end of December.


We really do not need a huge boost in XP for now since you’ll just go through the BP immediately and then people will come here and be extremely rude towards 343 like they’ve already been, simply because they feel the game is ‘‘empty’’ and ‘‘there’s nothing to do’’ because they cried themselves to an overdone XP system that let them shoot through the progression with little to no effort.

So no, we should NOT get 300XP for every game. That is, until we have a performance based progression system, if you get 300XP for your performance there, all the power to you, but for now, just no.

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Making the game fun/addicting and preying on people’s FOMO are two separate things.
If you want the play the game for 8+ hours because you are having fun with the game, then 343 did their jobs. If you want to play the game for 8+ hours because you know when you stop your rate of xp gain is going to drop significantly, then 343 is manipulating you.