I'm glad more modes are coming to Quick Play, but

Can we PLEASE have unique playlists with CTF, Oddball, and Strongholds?

Adding in Attrition, King of the Hill, and eventually others will make playing CTF, Oddball, and Strongholds terribly rare. Personally, I love CTF! But I still can’t just go and play CTF online for fun. And what about those challenges like “kill 3 Spartans with the Oddball?” Those will simply be impossible with so many randomly selected game types.


I like mcc options that you can check which game types you want, hopefully it will come into Infinite when enough playlists are there, it would also reduce the amount of people dropping out quite alot


i want regicide and team regicide to return, both are really fun in mcc


Absolutely, there are a few playlist that feature only slayer gamemode, but not 1 “only objectives” playlist.
I know, Slayer is much more popular than objectives gamemodes. But would it really hurt to add a permanent “objectives only” playlist?
I wouldnt care if social or ranked. As long that we would get one.


No. It will spread the player base too thin.

Imagine a F2P FPS not having enough players to sustain more than 7 playlists.

Although I dont think the game’s population is huge (and games probably shouldn’t need 30 playlists), this game needs at least a little more variety, and something that actually kind of pisses people off is having almost no control of being able to play exactly what you want to play.


it’s almost like 343 didn’t care about their community enough to have a good UI that encapsolates a good halo QUE system, and they just went with the run of the mill copy and paste UI. generic and offers nothing because everything is in one spot that is entirely rng based with no player first mentality

We seriously need a more efficient match composer. It is honestly baffling why they couldn’t use MCC’s match composer as a template or guide. And that’s in addition to

Campaign Co-Op
Campaign Level Replays
Custom Games Browser
Functioning Theater/Custom Games

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{The logic of 343I}

All players which likes to play Halo: Implement this mode and these maps, I’m going to play Halo Infinite alot more and use more money on Infinite if you do this and that.

343I: We don’t have time and energy to please you who likes to play our game, we only have time to please Marvel fanboys who likes Iron Man and Master Cheeks. And ofcourse, we want the fortnite kids to play too.
And some among us players.

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