I'm feeling so optimistic this time.

I think this is going to be a phenomenal game.
Before Halo 4 launched, I’d been following it for awhile. The more and more I heard the less interested I was. I ended up hating Halo 4, the lack of the original music, art style, playable elites, multiplayer armor, etc just ruined it for me.

I felt similar with Halo 5, although I did have fun with the multiplayer.
But there’s so much that has me looking forward to Infinite, the music they used in the trailer was incredible, and I love the artstyle change. I think this might be a big hit.

Yeh think it’s a common thing with hate for most for Halo 4,5…though I admit I’m sort of optimistic about Infinite since I like what I’m seeing so far and looking forward to hearing about the ‘flight program’ for Infinite and hopefully see what Halo Infinite looks like on the new console.

Though I think optimism is a good thing, I still suggest tempering your expectations. Something about the game, no matter how good I could be, will disappoint. Look forward to it, I know I will, but don’t blindly praise it (you are not but you know how these things go).

I’m feeling a lot more optimistic too. I think it’s because of a mixture of based on the first two trailers and everything else we know about Infinite it feels like they know what we want and are giving it to us, that and Phil Spencer.