I'm Fed Up With The BattlePass

I apologize in advance for the bit of a rant since the displeasure for the Battlepass has been comprehensively discussed. However, the longer that I play my aversion to this system is rapidly growing . The entire Battlepass and customization system is an ill-conceived concept of what a fun and rewarding system should be.

Areas that need improvement or be removed:

-Overly restrictive with the core system. I am fine with character specific core rewards like Noble Team or the Samurai that cannot be customized, but our Spartan should be 100% customizable with every single armor piece that is unlocked.

-Certain promo items are unlocked through the purchase of a product. For example I have an armor coating for the VII core that was included with an item. It was never stated that it can only be applied only to one core, so if I want to use it I basically skip all of the V Core items or flip back and fourth with each unlock. This system takes away from building our own Spartan since we are now flipping back and fourth between cores as we earn unlocks.

-The Battlepass loses value restricting items to cores. As I previously mentioned if you have a certain coating that you earned as a reward or promo that you want to use the Battlepass rewards are now imbalanced.

For example here is an outline of some VII core unlocks that highlight the imbalance.
Rank 5 reward: Armor coating
Rank 6 reward: Visor
Rank 11 reward: another coating
Rank 21 reward: Chest armor (first armor unlock at rank 21)
Rank 26 reward: Another visor
Rank 30 reward: Helmet unlock

As you can see it takes until level 30 to unlock a helmet for the VII core and in between those ranks you are unlocking items for the V Core, so as I mentioned if you want to use a specific coating that is locked to the VII core all of those rewards are useless to your situation. This makes the grind even harder to digest since the XP earned is so small you will need to really grind to get an actual item that you want to use.

-Absolutely need performance based and a higher per match XP. The challenges should only serve as a supplemental XP if you choose to do them. Some players may want to go for a high K/D game or for the win instead of waiting for a certain weapon to be in play to maybe get a kill ten times over. The Challenges should reward at minimum 500 to 1000 XP and permatch should be no less than 250 XP on top of your performance and win bonus.

Some ideas to add:

-More customization rewards outside of the Battlepass. Infinite 100% needs the largest and most rewarding Commendation system than any other Halo game to date. There must be a way to earn more rewards and also career challenges with ranks just like Halo 4 to sustain longevity for players. Players (sorry to speak for everyone) want more than play matches, earn XP, and level up the Battlepass, which is so overdone in games nowadays. Halo 4 introduced Commendations and the system was great in my opinion. Commendations are a terrific way to earn rewards for your excellence or commitment to a certain aspect of combat and Infinite will suffer without a system. I personally liked reaching Master rank Commendations to earn the unlocks associated with that Commendation, which provided a much larger level of satisfaction than capturing three zones or ten kills with an Assault Rifle. 343 this should also be a top priority to include in Infinite.

-It’s been said countless times already, but there needs to be an armor color/customization system that lets players choose the color for each section of your armor or at minimum the primary, secondary and detail areas. A great way that was mentioned by another member would be to have different color palettes for the helmet, chest, shoulders, visor, legs, arms with the option to earn more rare and unique color palettes through rewards. This can also be applied to the emblem system to allow for complete emblem design and customization. 343 can still use the full armor coating system for rewards as some players might like the simple application or certain unique color ways, but Infinite still needs a complete Spartan color system. 343 can use past Halo color systems that worked great and build an even better system or take a look at a new approach like the palette and color system in Warframe.

I’m done and I apologize that I went on way to long! I have played Halo for 20 years and I will always play and enjoy Halo, but I hate that it is not the best that it can be at the moment and that in certain regards Halo has gone backwards. I remain optimistic that 343 wants Halo to be the best that it can be and they will make the correct choices to accomplish that. However, they need to take a real hard look at all of the suggestions and feedback that are posted and discussed.