I'm drunk, hi 343i

Hi, I’m drunk right now, thanks giving ammirite?

I wanted to take this moment of emotional vulnerability to tell 343i how I feel about the current state of the game.

I LOVE Halo. I LOVE the 343i staff. I LOVE the game they made.

But 343i… your executives have put in monetization systems that have seriously made me unhappy.

Let me clarify, I WANT to spend lots of money on your game, I don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on battles passes and microtransactions, I’m a loser with disposable income, but it’s being done all wrong.

I spend more money in free to play games more than any other type of game, Paladins for example, gosh I’m a sucker for good skin with customers voice lines.

YOU DID GREAT by making battle passes NOT expire if you bought them- let’s all take a moment to applaud this anti-FOMO decision.

…done clapping? Okay, let’s continue.

343i, I understand that the gaming industry has changed over the years, you’re a company and you are here to make money, I understand and respect that, but compared to other games I literally throw money at, you’re having me clutch my wallet in disgust.

I’m not saying that in attempts to be hateful, but in honest, from the heart, alcohol influenced feedback.

I know there are probably tons of marketing geniuses with fancy economics degrees that are saying this is how best to monetize the game, but coming from a drunk neckbeard nerd that reads all the Halo books, this feels like a short term cash grab, and it makes me feel icky.

Maybe things will change, maybe they won’t, I’ll return to the game after January, hopefully by then I won’t feel like I’m being taken advantage of for monetary gain.

Love you 343i, stay safe and happy holidays.


I’m drunk and the monetization strategy makes me cry in some parts of it, but it’s a great game.


The monetization system would benefit from an overhaul at this point, it’s just not engaging nor appealing to spend money on, the colour white shouldn’t be purchased with real money, it feels cheap compared to the freedom we’ve had prior.

Side note - perhaps you should get some rest. (ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ)

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Yeah, it’s a big change from what we’re used to, but I’m guessing they are hoping everyone will just grow used to the new system, new system since the game will be supported for a long time, new generation yanno?