I'm done with Halo. Screw CEA and the new trilogy.

I can handle Bloom, and I can at least tolerate Armor Lock, but the thing I can’t stand is betrayals and quitters. People always defend betrayals saying it adds more skill to the game. Honestly?

Hrpd3rrp hey l000k a sn1p3r!!11 0 noez he gots it first! Im4 sh0ot 3mzz!

Quitting needs to use the Call of Duty system because it’s just -Yoinking!- unfair, dull, cheap, and boring when half or even all your team quits on you.

I don’t give a crap about this CEA, the TU is changing only what the complainers say needs to be changed. Plus, I’m just wasting 40$ on a game I already have.

This new trilogy looks like a joke so far, and I can almost promise you it will disappoint. And then the forum, they’ll rant and complain to their hearts content until 343i does something about it (but they will still ignore the key to most’s frustrations, betrayals and quitting).

Most of you don’t even realize that this is what your angry about, I thought for the longest time that AA’s were the end of the world, but I came to my senses. Hopefully you will too.

343i, I’m not expecting much from you, but I can only hope you’ll do the right thing.

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So you’re giving up Halo just because of MP…
There is more than just MP you know.