I'm done. I gave you a second and third chance, I just can't justify playing a game that doesn't functionally work

Mechanically, you’ve got a lot going for you. In offline modes everything works great, aside from some questionable sandbox decisions. (Why do most guns suck? Why is AR so powerful? We tested 1 player with the AR vs 2 players of any of the same non power weapons and only the bulldog won fights consistently. This is REALLY bad, 343.)
But let me break down WHY I’m done, despite all the good things this game has.
Please, take this to heart. You will not survive on nostalgia alone. The entire halosphere and your broader audience are saying this too. Don’t just listen to the echo chamber you’ve built up in reddit and waypoint.

Hit detection…
is at the series’ worst. I’ve shot ROCKETS that collided with people. One guy jumped in front of my shot, lived, then sword’d me. He took LESS damage from the rocket shot than I did.
Commando cannot finish off players because it stops shooting bullets. I think it switches to soap bubbles when the shield goes down. It certainly isn’t lethal.
I should not have to die when I de-shield and enemy and hit him 4 or 5 or even in some cases more times (2 mags one time, 4 plasma bursts another time) and then still die. It really doesn’t matter what guns I’m using. Sometimes players just have invincibility.

Post death dying…
I have seen many times in the kill feed where I get a melee kill, then a split second later I die to whatever damage he was doing to me. This happens at least once a game. I’ve seen it happen to enemies too. They will punch me and I’ll die but then a split second later they die from my melee.
There are also problems with melee. Sometimes it just doesn’t count. My game will hit the enemy with no shields, then he will hit me, then I die and he’s still living.
And this causes issues beyond melee. The number of times I’ve been killed 5 feet beyond LOS obstructing walls is too high and far too consistent.

Feels incredibly bad. Mouse, controller, doesn’t matter. Myself and many others in my community hate the way this game aims. I believe it is a problem stemming from having no momentum and being able to strafe spam, something that should have been caught in testing and thrown out immediately, but then again, I don’t think 343 understands game design or why Bungie Halo was so good. (I’m not sure modern Bungie would either tbh.) Strafe spamming creates many problems with the high health shield system of Halo specifically because it makes the game more about reflexes than strategy, and that’s not good. This change in design vector is precisely what people criticized in Halo 4’s multiplayer, but you keep falling into this accidental shortchanging of strategy with your mechanics. I really don’t get why it’s so hard for you to get it right. Change all the mechanics you want but don’t touch the core mechanical system. Just like your armor cores, if the core is different, it’s a different armor/game. This feels much more like high health Overwatch than it does halo.

on PC does not work. Clicking on profile does nothing. This is important because now you’ve already got people cheating. People are already aimbotting and using map hacks.

Are probably worse than in some Call of Duty games. Aquarius may be a fine map but because of the way the spawns work on non objective games, you will spawn and be gunned down from multiple sides. This happens so frequently that enemies will begin to corner you and your team and snowball. And it’s not just aquarius, it’s all maps. Fiesta was a needed addition, but the spawns make it tilting. Spawning on the sides on Behemoth while the enemy has snipers is just lazy and bad game design. What is wrong with keeping front and back spawns on these maps? Some of this is an issue with your sandbox in non fiesta games. The AR should not outperform almost all non power weapons. People should not be able to sidestep BR bullets. People should not live when shot in the face 20 times with no shields with the Commando. There are people in my community now wishing for 343 and Halo’s demise because of the state of this game, and they were all positive before launch.

needs help too. There was an instance where a guy who jumped lunged to punch me and because of this his player model collided with mine and it shoved him sideways meaning my punch did not land. Sometimes grenades bounce 4 or 5 times before exploding. I threw a grenade down a hallway that bounced off a fire extinguisher and came back and killed me. Many times throwing a grenade, a door lip will catch the grenade and instead of bouncing up and forward it will bounce backward. These small things make a huge impact on the game.

The weapons that track…
simple do not work online. They work great in the firing range, but there is something wrong with your netcode. People are able to just casually sidestep the plasma pistol, burst plasma rifle, and the needler as if they were nothing. Enemies have killed me at full health with a super combine after 6 needles too.

are in a really bad place. Are they hitscan or are they projectile? They seem to do whatever they feel like doing at the time of being shot. The Scout and Sniper Rifle are so persnickity that it’s nearly impossible to use them. If you miss by .00000000000001mm then the entire shot misses. Combine this with strafe spamming and no aim assist on pc and good luck hitting anything. I’m pretty sure Widowmaker has a more lenient system. In our AR test, we tried 1v1s from one side of Streets to the other. Guess what gun won. It took 2 clips, but the AR was able to do damage whereas the Scout almost never hit, even in the hands of skilled players. Personally, I have this similar issue with the BR. If an enemy is moving side to side, it doesn’t matter what range, but almost none of my shots will hit. It’s near impossible to get a perfect with the BR on PC in this game and there’s just no reason for this to be the case. I’ve not had this issue in any other halo game.

The UI…
I don’t know why these menus are the way they are, but they suck. This is probably the worst menu system I’ve ever seen in any game ever, and I’ve played some of the older unrefined MMOs. For a long time I couldn’t figure out how to pick the game mode I wanted without going into custom games. Somebody else had to tell me that you can’t select game modes and you just had to hit search at the top of the menu tree. WHY WOULD YOU DESIGN THIS THAT WAY? You have a custom game button on the main menu, why would diving into matchmaking menus bring up custom games? I really just don’t get it. I had to ask my community where to even find event challenges and the entire challenge system is confusing to navigate. You couldn’t hire SOMEBODY to figure the menu out? Menu’s really aren’t that hard, yall. Why does yours go in loops? Why can’t I change color and AI all in the same place? Why do I have to click back in the bottom left just to go in and out of selection? Did you not play Halo 3 or Reach? What is going on here?

The guns…
what in the heck was going on in your heads? Shock rifle? Ravager? Sentinel beam with recoil? These guns are useless, especially since the AR easily outclasses all of them. I’ve never seen the Shock Rifle do more than half a shield in my own hands, yet somehow sometimes people kill me with it in one shot? How does this work? And the ravager… I shot 6 bursts into a guy and he lived. Why are these guns so bad? Why did you include these stupid weapons instead of adding guns that actually would have made the sandbox better like the Covenant Carbine, the Plasma Rifle, the Fuel Rod, even the DMR? Were you too afraid to have redundant weapon roles? If that was the case then you failed because you still have Hammer and Sword as well as BR and Commando. What were you thinking? Did the Forerunners not tell you stuff? That’s why you hired them right? To make sure you were on the right track? What happened here? This game could be so much better with just the addition of the 4 weapons I mentioned above. (Covenant Sniper and UNSC Sniper may fill the same role but function very differently. Nobody complained about having both. The problem with the forerunner weapons was they were designed to be copies of the already in place UNSC and covenant weapons and you locked missions off into only promethean weapons to show them off. Nobody would dislike the Light Rifle in this game. Nobody would say boo about the DMR in place of the useless Commando. Nobody would complain if the promethean rocket thingy was here.)

And finally, the XP…
I have never much cared for challenges, xp, and achievements, but locking customization behind rotating run and done challenges is not only incredibly lazy but impersonal. “How did you get that sick armor bro?” “Bro, I did 126 event challenges!”
No. No no no no no. The point of unlocking armor through gameplay is to do A VERY SPECIFIC TASK! I remember vividly where and when I was, what map I was on, and how long it took me using sticky grenades in Halo 3 to finished my last 2 achievements for the Hayabusa armor. I needed sticky kills and an overkill. I got to proudly display my new Hayabusa armor to the world showing them that I was in fact an experienced halo player who accomplished an incredible feat.
Now you just have to grind for it. Skill is irrelevant. Just play for long enough and eventually you’ll get the stuff. It means nothing.

Final thoughts.
Since taking over Halo, I’ve been nothing but disappointed in you, 343. Between letting your mods be corrupt and banning people for opinions and just the sheer lack of understanding (or caring) of what made Halo, Halo. This is best demonstrated in the difference between HW and HW2. I spent hours, days of in game time in HW. It was Halo, despite being completely different mechanically. I nearly fell asleep playing through the HW2 campaign. I feel you just don’t get Halo and you never will. I really wish you’d spun off your own game. Had Halo 5 not been a Halo game, it could have been very well received. The problem is that while you do know how to make games that are fun and engaging, you just don’t understand Halo at all. You don’t know what we felt when we played those games in the past. You don’t see the mechanics as living systems to toy with in forge and custom games. Halo was friends, Halo was mythos, Halo was gaming. The only reason I ever got into consoles and Xbox specifically was FOR Halo. Now, with Disney destroying Star Wars and 343 missing every mark it’s tried to hit (or not tried at all to hit) the world feels incredibly less magical.

Playing this game has been one of the most tilting experiences I’ve ever had. I don’t know anybody who’s enjoying this game either.

Please don’t ban me for my opinions.
I’m going to go play Halo 3 now.

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Many people here will just say your bad, but I hit Onyx with controller and m&kb and I agree with many of your points.

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I wouldn’t rule out being bad myself, but a game is supposed to be fun at all skills. I ranked Plat 3 though.

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Some good points. But I’m having fun with it. I refuse to look at the shop and won’t buy anything

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By all means, I don’t mean to say nobody should like it, this is just me getting my thoughts and feedback out there. It’s not a bad game per se, when everything works…

Best of luck in future endeavors