I'm done. Can't support this. Have fun 343

As the title says. I’m done. I know no one really cares, I just want to voice my frustration with the direction they’ve chosen. I’m not going to play or support this ftp battle pass crap. If they want to follow the toxic industry down this rabbit hole, well that’s their decision but a damn poor one.

Battle pass progression is terrible.
Locking progression behind challenges is terrible.
Having 95% of customization items locked behind premium battle pass is terrible.
Having no meaningful progression system outside of battle pass is terrible.

I refuse to pay money to customize my spartan in a meaningful way. I’ve played for a week and he looks the exact damn same as I started. I do not feel rewarded for my time. I do not feel rewarded for when I do well.

They finally make the game we all want and then royally bend us over with it. It’s just mind boggling. I’ll do the campaign but that’s where my support ends. I do not have the time or money to sink into this BS system, grinding for gear I’ll never bloody get. It’s halo 5 all over again, just worse. Way worse.

So 343, enjoy the money you make. Good luck ripping players off. Go yoink yourselves.

  • it’s not 95% of the items…

Also you don’t need cosmetics and crap, I know that’s some self identity stuff, etc, but that’s not a gameplay thing. Nor do you need additional gratification, if you know you’re doing good THAT should be rewarding, but I’m not saying this system is perfect or even fully fleshed out yet.

Like you’re going to throw your hands up over something they’re actively working on? Just don’t buy into it until it starts to shape up.

Ya’ll don’t have to be so extra about though seesh


Sure, nobody needs cosmetics, but the fact is that games these days are built with progression mechanics / cosmetic unlocks as the primary dopamine drip. I don’t blame people for feeling this way because it’s 100% intentional, devs hire psychological consultants in order to make these things more addicting and better able to extract money from players.


I’m okay with waiting patiently for 343 to fix things up because the MP is still pretty much playable and it’s very very fun.

I will simply let my wallet protest for me and not spend on stuff I find predatory while peppering 343 with feedback and suggestions to change things.

If you’re leaving just because WAAA WAAA I DONT GET WHAT I WANT IN A FREE GAME WAAA then don’t let the door Ninja you on the way out.


Can’t you guys just play the bloody games? It’s fun, who cares for cosmetics? Have you such a little attention span that you need rewards to play a good game?


SMH no one asked for it to be free


I have several friends that play F2P because they just like Halo and played all the games. You aren’t forced to spend money, but they tempt you with shiny things you want to buy anyway. Sure, it’s a bad game right now, but so was MCC, so even if you come back in a year from now, all the Battle Passes will still be there when you’re ready for them. They may fix it, or not. For me, it’s just a fun game, but definitely still could use a lot of work. Just played a match with a flaming Emile that spent $200 to be BP 100. Just don’t be like him.


The first thing I consider is that the campaign and multiplayer being separated is completely artificial - every halo game has been one price, and come with a “free” multiplayer as part of the total package. Splitting the multiplayer does two major things, the first is that it allows loads more players to join in and potentially spend money on the store and pass system, and the second is that it makes players feel like buying the battle passes is financially justified as the game itself is “free”.

The next thing I consider is what value I place on the game as a whole package. I feel like £54.99 for halo infinite campaign + multiplayer is a great deal, as I find the multiplayer incredible by itself and the campaign looks very promising too, I am a fan of halo and will almost certainly enjoy the campaign as much as the others.

So now I believe that the campaign + multiplayer is acceptably valued at £54.99, I will happily spend that much on the game. So now I can either buy the campaign for the full price and not buy battle passes which isn’t ideal at all, or I can do what I plan on doing - buy a month of game pass for £7.99 to play the campaign, then spend the rest of my valuation on the multiplayer content. I don’t really play campaigns more than once anyway. That means I personally justify buying 5 or 6 battle passes. So, for the price of £54.99, I get to play the campaign, the multiplayer experience, and 500-600 levels of progression reward cosmetics, not even considering the free “fracture events”. I understand people being frustrated at the adoption of this new system that hides content behind paywalls, but I also believe it is no way near as bad as people are saying it is.

*Just editing to say this doesn’t mean I don’t think that this system is predatory, especially to kids and mentally vulnerable people who get hooked to spending money on stuff like mobile games and loot boxes. I actually zoned out the other day and got sucked in to this myself and bought 5 battle pass levels before realising what I just did. Definitely puts the ethics of modern gaming into perspective.


I don’t mind buying it since I’m definitely gonna drop money on the campaign, but paid multiplayer has a track record of not enticing new fans to the game.
343 may be doing it as a way to revitalize the community with new fans, which is an excellent marketing strategy.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m also not happy with the current monetization schemes but not playing a free game with virtually all features accessible is just silly. You can still choose to play the game and not spend anything no?

I mean I’m not spending at all but the game’s just fun.

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Agree mate, its hideous.

I HATE how Fornite/COD kiddies have ruined the scene with their mindless support of battle passes.

They’re just horrible and manipulative.

I’ve played for 30 plus hours and look basically the same as when I started.

Paying could be a quicker route to things but you shouldn’t be forced due to totally unrealistic goals for non-paying players.

Horrible, insidious business practice and it’s such a shame coz the MP is fun af


Its still a core part of halo, the spartan customisation, its been especially ingrained due to Halo Reach’s campaign having a Custom character as the lead.

plus our multiplayer spartan has been given an inuniverse context as well.

and yeh Mark VII’s customisation is locked a huge amount behind the Storefront, thats scummy since everyone gets Mark VII, while for the BP its mainly Mark V, that makes sense though due to the seasonal theme.



Hate to see em go, but love to watch em walk away.

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Mark VII is the new Hayabusa. It’s all anyone wears :joy::joy:


I’m also sad and disappointed but would give them time to see how the game develops, since the core gameplay is rock solid. It’s all in their hands now, the community has clearly voiced its opinion.


MCC’s issues were mechanical and system failures, not monetisational bothcery.


you cant be more wrong.
games are made to give a sense of acoomplishment and fun. taking away accomplishment still takes away of the experience for a game. how old are you?

are you old enough to remember a time when ALL games had in-game unlocks for completing challenges or doing well? In fact, all the halo’s have had this in some form.

With how complete Halo 3 felt, Halo Infinite just lacks so much in comparison. We’re talking about a pre-release version of finished multiplayer experience, yet it lacks a lot of things outside gameplay where Halo outshines competition.

This is OP’s point. The industry is working itself down a game as a service rabbit hole, which just screws up a player’s actual enjoyment. and 343i is just blindly following.


We have the perfect opportunity to make Halo king again, the whole situation is set for it, with a growing community wanting more, and 343i is determined to screw it up.


The feeling is pretty rampant right now.
We finally get the Halo feeling multiplayer 343 has been so reluctant to give us since acquiring the IP and then they make it the mother of all grinds to get any of the interesting progression unlocks.

Having a $10 battle pass is fine. Gotta pay for the work that gets put into the content, after all. But making it so bloody impossible to earn by a normal person who works 8-10 hours a day is really mind boggling.
If they make it to a second season I think there will be significantly less interest and less sales if they don’t significantly raise the bar on maximum xp gains per match. We should be clearing a stage every 2 to 4 games if we play well, not every 4 hours regardless of our performance.


Free content in the battle pass = challenge swaps, which you have no use for because you won’t get anything from progress unless you pay anyway


I’ve already dropped the game. I’d rather play something that isn’t trying to force me open my wallet for basic features. I’m giving it till the 8th for a full release before I uninstall. If the situation remains the same then I’m abandoning the multiplayer side of Infinite entirely, including custom games.

I already have no investment in this game, like, at all. The power weapons feel incredibly weak, the lack of aim assist on controller, aggressive monetization, etc. I’m not even excited about Forge anymore, because this game is such a wreck. At this rate they’ll probably try selling the parts we build with, or we’ll have to buy the forge canvas to even boot up Forge.

As you said, I’ll also play the campaign but that’s it. I bought it with points through a third-party, so not a single cent of mine is going fund this microtransaction garbage fire.