I'm curious...

I wonder if 343 can pull this off? After the last couple of days, more news on Halo 4 has changed my mind and put myself into a deep slumber of thoughts. These Spartan OPs seem interesting. I will want to look more into this.

I’m still skeptical on custom loadouts, join-in progress, etc. I was hoping we can be Elites, but since they won’t make an appearance in MM, Invasion will become extinct. Yes, I was against these changes, well most of them, but after hearing more, I’m thinking 343 may pull this off, who knows?

When reading this, I thought I was the OP. I feel just like you.

I’ve always felt pretty comfortable with halo 4, i have been expecting it to be a great game. I will admit, when I first read the GI leak, i was…nervous but then it sunk it and i calmed down and after the sparkast, seeing the red vs blue video, and gameplay on Conan, I felt really reassured.

When reading this I thought. Hmm, they can pull this off if AAs are gone