I'm changing my WLID associated with my GT.

How will this affect my log on?

When I login with my new email, will I still have access to this profile or will it make me a new one? With Bungie.net you can’t change your login email and while Waypoint and Bungie.net aren’t exactly similar in any way, I’m curious.

It will be a mess I think.

With Waypoint, it will stay the exact same, Bungie has two separate profiles, your Bungie.net Profile, then your Xbox Profile, your Bungie profile name can never change while your Xbox one can.

Associating your gamertag with a new Microsoft Account email shouldn’t affect your gamertag name.

For me it destroyed/wrecked the date I joined waypoint on my account. I asked Bs Angel she said it couldnt be fixed.

Let this just by my warning it happend to me so it could happen to anyone.