I'm Canceling my LE preorder

I just came from this thread.

343i you are making the halo fans not trust you. Really what are we paying a $100 for if everyone with a $60 copy gets the same things? a metal box? Armor/weapon skin?

The Wargames Pass is is not a full Wargames Pass. FUD is cool, but we don’t get a DVD, only a code so we can watch it on WAYPOINT. Everybody gets Recruit armor.

I just don’t trust anything that you have said about the game. I mean if you have lied this much about the LE copy of the game, what else could you have lied to us about. I gotta tell you I was really pumped for Halo 4 because the vidocs made if seem so good, but now I think the game will be bad. I just cant trust the game until I play it now.

Any one who wants a LE copy from gamestop can have mine. Im canceling my pre-order and switching to the standard edition of the game.

Man if Halo 4 ends up being bad I am quitting Halo. I really do hope it is good but I can no longer trust 343i.

your man I don’t blame you very pretty much screwed over a lot people but I don’t know what I would do with your extra 40 bucks so I’m just going to keep my legendary pre order

Limited edition costed me 53,00 euro.

Normall edition 56,00.

> Limited edition costed me 53,00 euro.
> Normall edition 56,00.

Fair deal.

> Man if Halo 4 ends up being bad I am quitting Halo.

There’s the door.

The pass for wargames gets you 3 DLC packs which normally would cost about $15 apiece. The Limited Edition is $40 more expensive than the regular version, and also comes with extra content that is worth a bit of extra money.

You do the math.

Cancelled my pre-order yesterday and bought the War Games Map Pass. Saved $84 bucks… However, this is a caveated conversation because I bought the LE Halo 4 Console and at the time the War Games Map Pass wasn’t released so the LE Halo 4 games seemed like a great deal. Well… until recently with all the news on what we were not getting and the internet viewing of FUD. Lame… Lame… Lame…

This is truly my only real disappointment that has caused me to react. I guess that I should thank them because I’ve just saved myself some money.

err, okay? I dunno what else to say.

But you may want to review your definition of “Lie”

Please carry on with the conversation, here :slight_smile: