im better then my rank

basicly when i started playing slayer i had to play 10 matches and about 7-8 out of 10 matches someone left ending in a lost and in about 3-4 matches out 10 i won and got placed in gold and i play better like im at least platinum cause im always on top of the list and when i see other players rank on my team or on the other team and they are on the bottom of the list and they are platinum 1 or 2 and right now im gold 3 i think its kinda bull that i got placed in gold cuz its too easy when i have a full team and when i do get in a good match i do better then the other players on my team who are platinum and we lose, basicly what im trying to get at is if someone leaves the match that team (which is most likey ganna lose) shouldnt effect thier rank for that match cuz outta 30 games i played more then half of em people leave and it frustrates me cuz im a solo player (since not all my friends got halo) and i get matched with these people

Yeah, yeah, I’ve gotten better scores and had more wins than people that ended up ranking WAY higher than me. There are obviously back end calculations taken into account that we don’t know about.

I just want to know how people who are not any better than a silver or gold player end up in onyx? Like really? I got platinum after winning 8 out of 10 games, came out on top as well and my friend got diamond for winning 7 out of 10 and he always had the least amount of kills in every game. I don’t even understand this ranking system and how they place people. Thought it was gonna be cool but all I can do now is shake my head at it. It’s gotta be a pity system for the players who lack skill.