I'm being haunted by 343

A minute ago me and my friends decided to play TEAM zombies, via the alpha zombies gametype.

Upon doing this, most of the people in the game were invisible to me and my two other friends.
What we saw shocked us.

A shower of dead bodies and energy swords began to spew up from underground before I ended the game and me and my friends investigated this occurence in theater.

When we tried to save our films and screenshots, they disappeared from our local files and could not be file shared.

Now, we are sitting in a lobby with (supposedly) 10 people.
For me and one of my other friend, we only see 5 people, and can’t hear any other people.
Plus, we can’t load any maps or start a game.

This is a strange occurence, my friends. Very strange. And I’m scared.

[insert creepy laughter here]

Cue the Twilight Zone music

Alpha Zombies acts very perculiarly when teams are enabled. I can’t explain the other things though. xP

> Cue the Twilight Zone music

How about a mashup?

BOOOOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

> > Cue the Twilight Zone music
> How about a mashup?

That was pretty good. very spooky.

Creppy monster voiceLook under your bed before sleepingcreppy laught