I'm about to burn my Xbox one along with halo 5

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What 343i has done to this once beautiful franchise is unacceptable, they’ve tainted it. We have been telling them everything wrong with what there doing, and the disregard us. They don’t care for us like bungie did, they only care about making money at this point. So what they do is they just come up with terrible campaigns and call it a game. But during the golden age bungie actually cared for its players, and they listened to our cries of pain. Instead 343 thrusts the knife deeper into the wounds they gave us. Hopefully they will finally listen to us some day and heal these wounds. But I doubt it the damage has already been done and they’ve been stabbing us with that knife since 2012. I don’t know about any of you. But I’m about to go back to halo 3

Bye Felicia!!