Im a little nervous

The reason is because i’ve thought that this game was gonna be dumb, not anymore, but when did think about it, i told my friends my opions and i dont know if they think its dumb no matter what now or not, my best memories came from 3 beacause it’s the first halo game i ever played witth friends, and reach had the overall most fun with them all. but i also want to say, are there any hunters, or especially scarabs? they were really fun to take down,i hope they come back, also the plasma nade looked like it did almost nothing to a guy’s shiels, didn’t even take it out quite, i hope their doing this just for the begineers their trying to bring in, and will bring back classic CTF and some the original things that made the games, no one seems to use nades very much, i used all the time to my advantage, but i guess noobs, that went to pax, and e3 don’t no what grenades are and only know how to shoot, i want to ask if the mammoth will be usable in a possible remake of sandtrap, because my best halo experiences game from building on it and playing zombies with it, and the mammoth seems to fit that role perfectly, and last question, how is the forge maps not small? like the dirt underground base seems a little small, unless u can go out the top.