Illuminati Symbols?

If you could take a step out of your lower mind and allow your Higher self to take over, I want to ask you a serious question…
Why are there several Illuminati symbols in this game? Pyramids with the All seeing Eye, Lightning bolts, Camera’s are everywhwere, even bungie’s plan to take over the world takes on a whole new meaning when you take into consideration that self programming is a tool aimed at the sub-conscious mind but it is distributed through the conscious mind. What you focus on will become and what you think about will come wanted or unwanted.
Games, TV, Music Industry, Politics, Buildings and Monuments, the same symbols are everywhere!
So what do you think they mean? And why are we all being force fed these images?
I truly doubt they are trying to brainwash everyone into spreading love and light… look into it for yourself and remember there is Great Power in the World’s Collective Conciousness
New World Vision.

Yeah it’s everywhere LOL.

You’re forgetting that they took those images from somewhere too. Bungie didn’t copy them, they just drew from the same source.

Do remember that symbol pretty much goes well with the Office of Naval Inteligence.

I see these symbols as subconcious mind control triggers and they are the same triggers that are in every facet of our “entertainment” the things we are suposed to loose ourselves in are making us lost, misguided, and a part of the illusion. I believe that by being Aware and [p;0 seeking our own spiritual knowledge we can create a new world vision and dispel the negative intentions of the’ “Elite Power structure” of this world. All we have to do is CENSOR our thoughts, When you think, see, or feel something mentally ask yourself if you accept this into your reality or not and if it dosen’t feel right IT IS NOT. If you are able to control your own mind you will know SELF MASTRY and I think that most people don’t know what true power lies within them. Even though I alone can’t stop what others will to do I can use my voice and knowledge to help inform the masses that we can create a New World Vison if you CHANGE YOUR FOCUS and UNDERTSNAD how much power the mind has.When you think of this world only look at it in the way that you truly want it to be, CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS AND THE THINGS YOU LOOK AT CHANGE. There is a part of you that is a part of God and apart of every living thing. You are a spirit having a physical experience and life will continue THERE IS NO HELL and all things seemingly negative will eventually be re.absorbed into God’s light. So for the moment understand that thoughts and feelings vibrate out into the universe and MANIFEST. What you think about will come wanted or unwanted, don’t let others think for you and create the life you desire
Nothing is set in stone and the great shift has already taken place… what they don’t want you to know is that NOW is a GREAT time and there is Light that inhabits the earth and we making the shift out of Illusion and into the Light.
all things in the universe are perfect and the earth will succeed it is imortant that every living thing acknowledges and accepts this universal truth.