Illuminati Symbols?

If you could take a step out of your lower mind and allow your Higher self to take over, I want to ask you a serious question…
Why are there several Illuminati symbols in this game? Pyramids with the All seeing Eye, Lightning bolts, Camera’s are everywhwere, even bungie’s plan to take over the world takes on a whole new meaning when you take into consideration that self programming is a tool aimed at the sub-conscious mind but it is distributed through the conscious mind. What you focus on will become and what you think about will come wanted or unwanted.
Games, TV, Music Industry, Politics, Buildings and Monuments, the same symbols are everywhere!
So what do you think they mean? And why are we all being force fed these images?
I truly doubt they are trying to brainwash everyone into spreading love and light… look into it for yourself and remember there is Great Power in the World’s Collective Conciousness
New World Vision.

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cool story bro

I think I can help answer this question even though I had not played this yet. These symbols are not Illuminati nor do they belong to the Illuminati. The fact is that these symbols are part of the collect human consciousness related to events that are forgotten to all but the subconscious mind. At the birth of every ancient civilization the archetypes that you call Illuminati symbols were already present and identified with the primeval sun god. When ever we see these symbols even if we do not notice them we feel attracted to it. I find these archetypes to be beautiful and interesting and if they are in Halo I want to play it even more! These symbols draw in the minds of the people and hold our attention there. It is true that evil hides behind these archetypes but symbols are just symbols. People always call numbers like 11 13 and 22 Freemason numbers. These numbers do not belong to Freemasons but instead are part of the Universe.

Dont worry, it’s not that bad.

Thank You for taking the time to read my post. I do agree that these symbols are apart of the Universe and in ancient times some were used for positive, the All seeing eye was a representation of the Third Eye Chakra and spirituality, but we are far from ancient times and for some, the eye you see today does not take on the same meaning as it once held nd regardless of what the symbol is… the fact is, there is a certain level of power in any symbol and if the same symbols are being force fed into your subconscious memory bank, through means of the very things we are suposed to in a release our mind into, to relieve stress, and entertain us…
then what does that really mean!?
It feels strange seeing the eye symbol is everywhere and the fact that Bungie is constantly montoring and dictating the way we play… yeah we get it YOUR WATCHING US. We all know that the plans of the Illuminati/ Freemasons and our own Government is to enforce a New World Order and slowly but surley we have seen the evidence manifested around us, I am here to urge you to consider A New World Vision, A Planetary Ascension, out of choas and into Harmony with a Higher Vibration. Harness the power within you and find your Spiritual Truth. To Access your God Mind you need to go within, Light trancends space and time give it freely, Educate yourself and make an attempt to find the part of you that is a part of God and the Universe, This is what we all came here to do to .
.One spark of light can dispel a thousands who are living in the dark but in Truth ALL things will eventually will be RE*ABSORBED into Gods loving Light.
Light the Way.

You’re over thinking this. First of all the all seeing eye is a representation of the Goddess (Venus). Yes it is also used as a symbol for the mind.
These symbols are not Evil. What corporations are doing is using the symbols to gain power from them. They are left over from events that took place in ancient times that we can’t see today. What is evil is the Pyramid Scheme where all the money is going up to the Elites. That is why everything is so screwed up not because of the eye symbol. Also keep in mind that these symbols are part of our subconscious and they often appear in art work. The Illuminati isn’t behind all of them.
This thread reminds me of Jeffery Grupp accusing Alex Jones of turning to the Illuminati just because he has triangle shapes on his website.
If you ask me spirituality is about simplicity. If you are to into spirituality then you miss the point. I have found a balance where I can just be a normal person and still consider myself spiritual.

Actually, I’m sorry It is not a representation of the Love Goddess Venus, but a representation of Horus, an egyptian god. And even if I was over thinking this, at least I am thinking about it!! What are you going to do, keep playing Halo until they turn out the lights? My point is, there are group of “Elites” in this world that want a New World Order and they have been planing it since before most of us were even born, so when do you think thier plan will come to fruition? And do you think that todays games, media, internet, and music are a great way to distract us away from the truth & they put thier occult symbols in plain sight to let those who have eyes to see know that the plan is still in progress? The multi-billion dollar corporations that use the symbols are owned by members of the Illuminati and honestly the use of symbols to gain more money to me sounds silly because everything you could ever wanted has already been given the moment you think of it… all you have to do is go within and ALLOW it to flow to you.
Law of Attraction, Art of allowing, and the Science of Diliberate Creation is the way the world really works.

We as the people have the ability to change our focus and shift the mass conciousness to that of a New World Vision. The Viel Of Illusion has lifted and it’s time for us to wake up and harness the power within. You are eternal and know no limits, it is important that while you are here experiencing life from a physical perspective, you physically experience yourself spiritually. there is an endless supply of prosperity waiting for you… tap into it and give love and light freely…
And only out of Simplicity will emerge the Truth and once you have foind it you must pass it on. if we live life as just a normal person and never explore the part of us that is a part of God then we will not accomplish what we came here to do.

note- I know that the symbols themselves are not bad and they do not belong to one group or another.
It is the intention behind the individuals that I worry about.

I am not wrong. Horus is the pupil of the Goddess (Isis). Learn your mythology.
Look the corporations are out of control and that is because people let them and because the free-market isn’t a free-market anymore.
Now I do not have to be spiritual your way nor do I have not NOT play video games and watch movies with Pyramids in them just because you think Pyramids are bad.
I came here because I don’t have a X-Box and I am over whelmed because there are so many X-boxes out there and I don’t want to pay extra money for something I don’t need. I just want to play halo and everyone is talking to me like I am some kind of X-Box expert. RRoD that, hard drive this, Kinect, slim, 360, online, wi-fi, Blah blah blah. -Yoink-

“You’re over thinking this. First of all the all seeing eye is a representation of the Goddess (Venus)”

Learn your Mythology, you said Venus not Isis and I don’t think pyramids are bad… lol fact is THIS GAME AND MANY OTHER FACETS OF OUR “ENTERTAINMENT” HOLD MIND CONTROL TRIGGERS IN THEM. NWO is a fact and a plan that has been in effect for a long time… and they are counting on us to be DUMB, to accept the illusion as reality and to not seek the God within. Don’t be spiritual in the ways that I am for none can duplicate. We each have our own unique spirituality and individual purpose and i have the highest respect for that. Why arent you answering any of my previous questions? Instead you are trying to make me sound like a lunatic that is scared of symbols? I am not scared of these symbols instead i seek to know why the same symbols are everywhere and what is the intention of the person’s in charge of thier placement… Music videos, AD’s, Movies, Monuments, Games, Listen to the words of most mainstream songs the same Mind control triggers are everywhere and by your awareness of them and awareness of the intentions of the Illuminati We will bring light to the situation and dispel the negaitve intentions and cause people to change thier focus. THERE IS SO MUCH POWER IN JUST CHANGING YOU FOCUS Your thoughts and feelings hold vibration in them and in that vibration there is great power what you consciously and subconciously think and fee is being broadcasted out into the universe and effects the whole … I AM HERE TO URGE PEOPLE TO BE AWARE TAKE CONTROL OF THIER POWER AND CREATE A NEW VISON first for themselves and then for the world.
Because by being aware and opening your own all seeing eye within you can break out of the illusion and into the light.

And even as a seeker of turth and a spiritually based person I played this game for months on end without even noticing the triggers and I am well versed in this topic andconsider it to be a passion of mine and I didn’t even see it for months!! Imagine what it can do for the person who has no knowledge on this subject.


I am still a fan of halo just not bungie.

In Roman mythology they called that planet Venus as do we. In Greek Mythology that planet is called Aphrodite, Egyptian mythology Isis. Mythology is the worship of planetary gods. If you wish to know why these symbols are everywhere then you need to learn your Mythology.
Begin here
This is the origins of the Mystery religions, Mythology and indeed all religions outside of spirituality although religion is a mixture of Spirituality and Astral Mythology. Even in the Bible the Planetary gods make an appearance.
The most powerful people ruling this world are into the occult and the mystery religions. That is why you see those symbols everywhere because everything has been bought by them. Well that is one reason and the other as I have already told you these symbols are in our subconscious mind. They would still exist even without the Illuminati.
You’re upset at how the world is run. it is run by greedy people who care more about corporations then humanity. Evil people gravitate to these positions of power. You’re fight should be focused on Politics and the corporations that use politics to destroy the free market in order to increase revenue.
Fighting Halo or other video games or music videos will get you no where. Halo isn’t evil. And telling people they should not play Halo like some kind of dictator just because it has eye and pyramid symbols in it isn’t Spiritual. That’s like telling people they aren’t allowed to live in Egypt. If you ever looked at the Hieroglyphs most of the “Illuminati” Symbols are there. That’s just like people saying Halo is bad just because there is guns in it. These symbols as I keep trying to tell you are not doing anything on there own. They speak to our subconscious mind only because they are part of events from out past lives. I do not believe that they are brainwashing us.
This is the last time I am replying. If you still do not understand why these symbols are used then you never will.