I'll trade three avatar items for raptor + DE

I will trade any three of these avatar items for the raptor skin and the deadeye helmet.

Cyrotube prop
Crawler Prop
Ghost Prop
Spartan-4 (Male)
Spartan-4 (Female)
Fotus (Female)

  1. I will trade one of the three items you picked.
  2. You will trade the raptor skin.
  3. I will trade a second item you picked.
  4. You will trade the deadeye helmet.
  5. I will trade the last item you picked.

If you realy want one of these avatar items, but only have one of the items I want, I will trade you an item I have for the item you have. However in that situation you will trade first.

U.S. codes only please. I don’t want to risk other codes not working.

Hi, I interest the crawler prop.
I can send you AC3 Connor costume female or male.
Would you like trade?

I think trading on this forum is discouraged and the thread might get locked.
Not trying to be rude, just letting yas know.

I think this is mostly going to get locked because it’s 4 months old. Chances are he’s either used or traded all the codes already.