IK Gaming looking for Utah players

IK gaming has been around since 2007. We originally only cared about numbers, and not the quality of the people we let in, and this led to our fallback.

In 2010 we had a huge breakdown of members and are looking to bolster our local numbers. There are over half a dozen of us in the Davis County and Salt Lake area and we want to increase that. We believe that a good locally based clan can have the momentum to grow and branch out to other areas of the world. Not to mention, how awesome would it be to have weekly/monthly LAN parties?!

We don’t just play Halo as a group, we do so much more! We live the IK way of awesomeness in every way we can in our lives. From our rooms, to our clothing, to our cars!

So if there are ANY people, regardless of skill, in the area that just so happen to be browsing these forums, and you’re looking for a clan? You came to the right forum! Reply here, or send me or any of our leaders a message on XBL and let us know! IK All Day!

IK frythan IL



We accept anyone and everyone. We would just like to increase our local clan base. Need help with achievements or challenges? Wanna get ready for Halo 4? We’re the clan for you!

For the record I’m not from Utah, but I support BYU. Also are you just only looking for Utah people? What kind of clan is this?

We take anyone and everyone. Most of our members live in Utah (myself included) so we’re also looking to expand our local clan base. WE play Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and of COURSE we’re going to play Halo 4. Come for the competitive atmosphere, achievement hunting (one of our members has all achievements in ALL Halo games), and come for the friendship.

We take anyone of any skill level. And if you’re in Utah the benefits keep piling up!