We are the Intergalactic Space Federation. We are a military based clan that launched a couple of weeks ago. We already have 21 members, and are still actively recruiting. Due to the small size of our clan, we are currently looking for members who are willing to step up to the plate and be leaders!Now a little bit about me. Like I said, the clan is small because we only launched 2 weeks ago. However, I have led clans that exceeded hundreds of members on Halo Reach, Halo 3, Halo 4, GTA 4, and GTA 5. I was actually 4th in command of the largest and most successful clan on GTA 4 at the time, so I have faith that this clan will also succeed.We follow military ranks.-ENLISTED- (ranks based on recruiting and skill)
-Private 2nd Class
-Private 1st Class
-Sargent (Lead squads of 4-5 members)
-Warrant Officer
-Warrant Officer Specialist (Part of our new ODST division)
-OFFICERS- (ranks based on leadership)
-Captain (Lead battalions of 8-10 members)
-General (Lead armies of 16-20 members)
-Field Marshall 2nd Class (Co-Leaders of the clan)
-Field Marshall 1st Class (Leader)We are also a senior member of the highly successful ARMORED ALLIANCE clan pact.We also have an Executive Board that oversees the clan, and acts as a high council to the Leader and Co-Leader. Members of the executive board are highly active in clan matters, and are my most trusted advisers. They are responsible for drafting legislation as well as passing it. I the leader then have the power to veto it.We require the Service tag to be changed to your rank within the clan and your emblem to be the clan emblem.
Please consider joining our up and coming military based clan!!!-Satans Banker
Field Marshall 1st Class/Leader*Contact ZeroGravity284 for recruitment.

Hello friend! I see you are looking for members. Not only am I willing to join but I also have leadership expierience and I am completly willing to help your clan out in whatever way possible. Anyways, below I will layout my leadership
>Cadet Gunnery Sergeant in Marine Corps JROTC
>Formerly a Staff Sergeant for the UAF on Halo Reach, and 4. A Distinguished member of the National Guard/Secret Service
>Leader of Red Eagle United for 6 months, peaked at 45ish members then disbanded for personal reasons.
>Reenlisted into the UAF under the former vice president, I myself was quickly promoted to VP or co-leader Peaked at 39 members before conflict tore us apart
>Finally, I was an LT. General in the Shadow Corps and leader or the 73rd Royal Guard Corps, or security if you will.

As my leadership history shows, I mainly stick to security branchs, however I am willing to do anything. In combat I specialize in Long range engagmemts, as well as almost any vehicle. If there is some sort of elite division, I would certainly like to try for it. One more thing to finish up,
>I’m 16
>play almost every day, so I can definatly be active.

I look forward to working with you and your members soon, have a good day. My gamertag is Epsilon Oo

Hey i was contacted by a ZeroGravity person, oir schedules dpnt really fit together and hes never on when I am is there another person that can contact me?

Contact me if you guys play Warzone Assault.