Ignoring the elephant in the room

I applogize in advance for the wall of text.

Why does everyone ignore the elephant in the room? What am I referring to? The launch dates of Halo 4 and 5. Both have now launched within 2 weeks of COD, specifically COD:BLACK OPS II and now BLACK OPS III. This was and is incredibly bad judgement. Compare them to Halo 3 and Reach, both of which launched in September. Everybody likes to blame this and blame that for the player base drop with H4. But it should be glaringly obvious that the biggest problem with Both H4 and now H5 is going to be the launch date. When COD:Black Ops II launched COD was on an increasing Fan popularity run at that time. Anybody following games would know that. One of the biggest reasons why Destiny launched so well is guess when it launched? You guessed it SEPTEMBER, when it had nothing to compete against it for almost 2 months! People that will hold off to buy until Christmas will do that anyway. Launching in October is not going to increase Holiday sales. If anything it hurts it, because some potential buyers have to make a choice between games for Christmas. They could have gotten their initial Launch sales in Sept with both games(H4 and H5) and then additional sales for the holiday as they would not drop the price until the following year anyway.
Side notes
Common complaints about H4:
Loadouts- Will never understand that complaint. I picked what I wanted to start with and only used that one loadout the entire time I’ve played the game.
Special abilities- I somewhat understand this complaint, but at the same time often within gametypes players would choose the gametype without the abilities , but also sometimes they would vote for them. It did give players the choice per match. Not to mention that players could choose their abilities so it was fair in that respect. Half the time I didn’t and don’t use mine as its not needed.
Weapon drops(I think that’s what they are called)- If anything this helped level the playing field and reduce the advantage gained by the other team getting the power weapon. While I’m sure this is the vary reason why some hate this because it took away their advantage to a degree. This complaint is comparable to all the whiners whining that this gun or that gun needs to be nerfed or buffed. These selfish complaints to try to keep or change the game to a individuals playstyle.
Jetpacks- This has got to be one of the weakest complaints of the game. Simply because 95% of the time somebody used a jetpack in any game I have ever played, they went up but they were dead before they hit the ground.
Sprint- People really need to either just play H1 thru 3 or accept the fact the sprint is here to stay EVERY MODERN SHOOTER HAS THIS. Reach had it H4 and now H5 has it. It allows players to get back in the action quicker. Going back and playing H1 thru 3 feels like you are walking thru mud. Its ridiculously slow.
Its jut my speculation that if anything that made H4 bad was the lack of maps and gametypes at launch and the whole Crimson DLC debacle.
People can whine that H4 was not successful but its now sold over 10 million copies. Even now it has decent enough player base on 360 to be able to get into games fairly quickly.
H5 is a great game. It needs to be tweaked , but a great game. If you really hate it, then made you should just stick to playing MCC.

MS understandably wanted to have Halo out before the bigger titles of CoD and Fallout hit the shelves. Was this the best decision? Probably not, time will tell.

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For people that were let Down.

Ya it’s not the best time to release a game, right next to the more popular competition.

And halo 4 was pretty good minus the camping active camo boltshot users. infinite slayer should have been it’s own gametype and not replace standard slayer with even starts, no perks, no abilities.

My opinions, but I still had a lot of fun on h4 and on reach as well.

I’m excited to play reach again when it is backwards compatible.

Cod would be pretty fun if the developers would stop supplying and encouraging campers to do their thing.

Not only do I think it was their choice, I think it was planned. Just like Sonic and Mario in the 90’s we have rivals pitted against each other to split up the gaming community.

Just like I picked Sonic, the more adventurous, interesting, less repetitive counterpart of Mario. I’m sticking with Halo.