IGN says bring back Chief! I write vote/criticize

First here is the link. How to get rid of Locke and bring back Chief. (Note I wouldn’t mind Locke sticking around. It’s just that Chief needs to be the prominent figure. And this is done in a funny way.)

Now I notice sometimes people on here don’t like when people give 343 constructive criticism. It’s cool if Halo 5 is your favorite Halo. That’s your opinion. I think the multiplayer of 5 is overall very fun. I do have some Mulitplayer gripes, but Warzone I think is some of the most fun ever in Halo. But my biggest complaint with 5 is the campaign. People need to understand the difference between constructive criticism and non constructive criticism. There are people on here that are passionate about Halo, and they want it to be the best it can. They are concerned with the direction it is headed. That’s why they post complaints and concerns on here. Even Bonnie Ross told fans to keep the comments coming in.(If you don’t believe me here is the link. Bonnie says to keep giving feedback. It’s about 1 minute 4 seconds into the video.) COMMENTING HERE ON THE FORUMS IS ONE WAY 343 CAN GAUGE WHAT THE COMMUNITY LIKES AND DISLIKES. And to talk about the campaign I’ll say this. Chief needs to be the “Main Star” of Halo 6. Locke can stay, but people aren’t ready for Chief to be retired. Also The characters need to have more personality and be more interesting. 343 did not a very great job with Blue Team in 5. I think the problem is that they tried to introduce too many in 5, Red and Blue team in one game, therefore they weren’t able to squeeze in their personalities. Remember past games? Guilty Spark was smart and quirky. Johnson could be very funny and brave. Even Reach had memorable characters. 5 should have had memorable characters. They brought in Blue Team. But it didn’t happen. And SPOILERS!!! I think Cortana needs team back up with Chief. To me that was what was so fun in the campaigns. She never needed to be killed off and then brought back to be on the other team as Chief. Their personalities went so well together. It was fun to go around the universe with them. MY HALO 6 343 PREDICTION THAT I’M AFRAID THEY ARE TAKEN THE CAMPAIGN IN THE DIRECTION OF!!! I’m afraid they want to have Chief sacrifice himself to destroy Cortana thus ending both of them. If they wanted to change things up maybe they instead of putting Cortana in Chief’s helmet instead they could of put her in a Robotic Spartan suit. A drone type of suit that instead of being remote controlled it would be controlled by a local AI. Though they could’ve just left things alone.

Now notice I said one way in the last sentence of the previous paragraph. I read a lot of talk about the micro transactions. If you choose to purchase them then hey I’m happy for you. I choose not to do so. Well I guess I did buy the Warzone REQ pack when I bought the Legendary Digital Edition, but I mainly bought that version for the Fall Of Reach. NOW I’ll get back on point! People say that people buying REQ with money doesn’t hurt them and not to complain. Well it affects everyone. A 2ND WAY FOR 343(OR JUST ABOUT ANY COMPANY)TO GAUGE WHAT THE COMMUNITY LIKES AND DISLKES IS HOW YOU VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY! It seems like the addition of micro transactions into Halo 5 has been successful. That scares me a little. If 343 keeps it like 5 where everything can be unlocked via regular playing of the game then I can tolerate it. As of now the micro transactions are for those that don’t want to wait to earn the REQ points through play through. But what if they take micro transactions a step further?

WHILE THERE ARE MORE, A 3RD WAY FOR 343 TO GAUGE WHAT THE COMMUNITY LIKES AND DISLIKES WOULD BE THE USAGE METRICS THAT THEY GAIN FROM MONITORING PEOPLE’S ACTIVITY IN THE GAME. I won’t go into this one that much. It’s pretty obvious. If a very small percentage of people are using a playlist or feature then it probably won’t continue being supported.

I bring ink this up, because people think about what you do in th game and say on the forums. 343 is paying attention. I just want to remind people on how to “voice” your opinion.

Yes please. If you kill off locke almost no one would care. Kill him instead of Chief if you have to. This was a very well done post, should grab more attention. Chief is the face of halo, and we really need more of him. I feel like the lack of Chief and his badassery was one of the reasons why Halo 5 didn’t feel like “Halo”. The facceless hero is what we’ve come to know and love, and is a character that unites all halo fans. Getting rid of Chief and giving in THREE missions is like a joke and a slap in the face to the Halo franchise, Locke is a disgrace. He will never live up to Chief’s legacy.

Why should we get rid of him if he is a good guy and will help chief…

I’m conflicted… Support Chief or not support IGN.