[IG] Looking for other Clans [Please Read]

IG was created on May 12, 2013, by the Leaders of MIG. This was created to house other communities in a coalition of Clans, that would be housed under one roof, and be managed by the same Ranking Structure. This has been done in the past with other Gaming Communities, and has worked successfully. IG will open it’s doors to Clans & Communities that have potential and want to be in a system that wont fail.

Currently we are using a free website builder, but we plan to upgrade it when we can. (our site is generally used as Information only, and allow our members to only worry about gaming)

Any Clan that wishes to join us must have the following:

  • Potential Future Growth
  • Structure
  • Quality Leadership & Members
  • About 15+ Members

To Any Clan that wants to join us, we ask that you do the following:

  • Adopt our Community Structure
  • Join our Website (Your Clan will have a separate Sub-forums on the site)

To all the clans worried about what your ranks will be in our Community, they will be carried over from yours and aligned up with ours.

This is designed to help other clans expand and grow, but have them under the Insane Gaming Title. If you aren’t sure about join, you can reply here or contact me on XBL (MIG ANTHRAX XI)

Thank You.

Our website is www.IG-Gaming.forumotion.com

I am the Founder of Insane Gaming & MIG. Currently we only have one Section which is MIG, but we are looking add more clans to our Network. If you are a clan or community that wants to join under IG, Contact me for the Details