If You're Not Using Andres, You're Doing It Wrong

First to get this out of the way I am no pro and still have lots to learn, that also being said this post is about terminus firefight and not multiplayer, in my opinion Andres isn’t good in multiplayer but that’s a subject for another post. Now for the actual post.

Ok, so I’ve only played terminus firefight two times, the first time was by myself as Jerome, the second time was customs(though we didn’t edit anything, now that I think about I don’t know why we didn’t go into regular match making, maybe we could’ve gone up in the leader boards) and in the customs game I went Andres, teammate went Johnson, and my other teammate left in the first ten waves so he doesn’t matter. But anyway Andres is OP, what you do is have Andres have all siege turret’s and set up 10 kodiaks in the middle near the terminus with sentinel beacon, then have 17 wolverines for AA and those direct air waves. Basically you use your hero to go and capture the bases that aren’t in the path of the enemy, then use your wolves to protect your kodaks and turrets, NEVER LEAVE THE TERMINUS. Those direct air wave’s are a piece of cake if you have two people with AA at the terminus and are ok to deal with if you only have one person. In short I’ve only ever had one Andres on a team but I can only imagine using this strategy with two Andres. Though I wouldn’t recommend three as someone has got to have a mixed army, Preferably UNSC. Using this ground enemies will be a piece of cake as kodaks shred them and the sentinels left behind add up very quickly to create a sentinel army in seconds. And for AA those 17 wolverines should be able to shred anything, including that pesky “Direct Air” wave everyone hates. (We were in customs so there’s no proof of this you just have to believe me and my friend ). Me(Andres) and my friend(Johnson) got to wave 87 using this strategy and we didn’t even have a full team(Teammate left in the first ten minutes for food)! We didn’t even change the starting supplies or the enemy health or damage. As long as you can survive the first five waves building up you will be absolutely fine for the next 80 waves. The only reason we lost was because me and my friend had to get off because it was 1 in the morning, so who knows, we could’ve gone even further!!!

In conclusion I’m not saying all other strategies are bad, like I said I’ve only played two games of firefight, but from what I’ve seen if you don’t have an Andres you are severely hurting your chances of going far. But that’s just my opinion, if you’d like to critique please feel free or maybe share your strategy and compare it to this.

I dunno, I used Colony and thought he was pretty decent (aside from the lack of economy bonuses).

HC can hold off an entire army on one side up until a certain wave (about where my last wave ends on the leaderboards, just a few before it) while the rest of your army is camped on the other side. Good thing the enemies in Terminus are pretty easy to dust.

Anders Siege Turrets and Deci Banshees are almost a must for Terminus.

I would say that Serina’s frost Kodiaks would also be a nice addition to this strategy. As for a 3rd I’m torn between Pavium or Voridus.
Obviously the mega turrets are quite strong for Pavium, but something not many people know is that if you spend 2 leader points on the passive that strengthens Voridus’ goo, it allows his Blisterbacks to spread goo. I can imagine a combination of DOT goo, cryo slowing/weakening, and a million sentinels murdering everything would be crazy powerful. I tried a duo with Pavium and Serina and we had great success with mega turrets murdering anything affected by cryo. Plus the Bison is a great hero to lock down in one of the main pathways.

Just saying, your scores come out on the leaderboards even if you’re in customs, as long as you didn’t touch any of the settings like you said you did. All of my Firefight games have been in customs (we always had a full party) and they’re still up on the leaderboards.

But yes, having an Anders is incredibly helpful in Firefight. Most of the top teams have an Anders, Johnson, or Serina. I wouldn’t say you’re doing it wrong by not specifically having Anders though. The top Solo player used Johnson. Plus I think it should be encouraged to try finding new strategies. Almost no one used Decimus until that Anders/Double Decimus team made it to the top. You’ve only tried 2 games. Keep at it man. Who knows what will work for you.