If you're not even..

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mildly upset that there is no visible rank, then you are not a true Halo fan.

I can switch that around just as easily.

I would prefer visible rank but come on dude…

Guess I’m not a true Halo fan. Bye guys.

I find it ironic that your name includes “Logic.”

@OP: I want visible rank AND I want you to apologize for that remark.

i dont care if you think im a halo fan or not i just play the game for fun , and when it gets dull i take a break im a freaking gamer >_>

Not all Halo fans buy the game for ranked matchmaking. There are a myriad of other things to enjoy about the Halo Universe, the game is not solely about ranked games.

Flaming, unconstructive, and just a plain bad idea.


I’ve only had Halo CE as my Xbox Launch game and dove into every bit of lore I can…guess I’m not a actual fan. hmm

Glad I had a true fan put me in my place…

There is a visible rank, you fools.

Your SR rank.


did halo 1 have visible rank? oh wait…

> I can switch that around just as easily.

I will. If you can’t deal with not having a visible rank, you’re not a fan of Halo and shouldn’t really be playing online games either.

When you play campaign, you play it once for the story and typically again for the achievements. In multiplayer, you would play a few games to get used to it then go try for something more. Now that there is nothing to achieve, his game is now just something to play when you’re bored.