If you're here, say so

I was just curious about how many Spartans are on the forum. Here’s how it works:

  • Post “I’m Here” or “Hey” or I guess it could really be anything. But make sure it’s one post, and then leave it. Then once this thread has died down, I’ll count the number of posts. Does anyone know how many posts per page is allowed? That’d make everything a lot easier. I could just use a little handy dandy multiplication.

As far as I know this isn’t against any rules…and while it’s kind of a rustic way to get the head count, it’ll at least give me an idea. Also, when I’m done, I’ll make another thread posting the count I got. I hope everyone replies!

Is this ok? Can I get a thumbs up from a monitor?

> 2535445555605570;1:
> Is this ok? Can I get a thumbs up from a monitor?

Gonna go with, “No.” A bunch of people spamming one word posts would inevitably lead to more work for me and I really don’t need more work. If you’re genuinely interested in figuring out how many people are on waypoint, I’m not sure that would be a good method anyway. Not everyone posts or posts regularly and not everyone checks the forum everyday. You can always check out roll call to see how many new people actually introduce themselves, I know I never did.