If you want change, sign up.

Just signed up for the Community Feedback Program, right now it looks like they are letting everyone in. It seems like about 75% of the forum posts are about discontent with the game in some way or another, one would expect 343i to notice. Hopefully if we can make an appearance in numbers in this program, some change will take place.

-I think Favyn on YouTube really puts it best when it comes to Halo’s steady decline in fan base and success. Halo needs to be traditional Halo again, not play like CoD or Gears of War. 343 is acting like an entitled little brat that gets handed the family company.

Where can we sign up?

Just kidding, I found it

Halo 5 is fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’ve been playing Halo since CE and this iteration actually goes back to the traditional Halo gameplay far more than Halo 4 or Reach (worst Halo IMO).

You can’t please everyone. I see posts complaining that Halo isn’t Halo enough any more and posts about Halo not evolving and changing enough.

It’s still incredibly popular. You want to know the main reason why the fanbase has shrunk? Have a look at how many PS4’s have sold this generation compared to the amount of Xbox One’s. That should give you all the information you need. Heck, even I bought a PS4 to go along with my Xbone.

It really isn’t like Halo C.E. The aiming is different, the movement is drastically different, both of which are very important in and FPS in case you didn’t know. This game plays too fast in an effort to be more like CoD. I agree with you that you can’t please everyone, nor should you try. But what they should be trying to do is please the majority of fans that built this franchise. 343 is losing so many loyal fans lately, it’s not good for the brand.

I just signed up. I really Feedback Program member’s, along with the rest of the community’s, voices are heard. Sometimes its the simple things that make a game great.