If you want a clan that wont die in 2 weeks. 18+

Hey guys SUPMAC the leader from Comrade Gaming here.

Our community is a new one created for Halo:MCC about 2 weeks ago. Our membership to date is pushing 30 members, and we are looking for more players to play with us!

Comrade is not competitive based, but much more revolving around a community approach to gaming. Our members create montages, play customs, have in clan tournaments (Just Completed Round 1 of our 16 player Free For All Tournament last night!) Have an active website and forum, and fill up parties every night.

Our community strives to have members play together, and get to know one eachother as best as possible. When you first join us you might be taken aback, we do like to use first names instead of Gamertags.

We have created a ranking system that Starts at Recruit, than goes to Member, Spartan, Elite, and finally Leader. Our goal is to have members that are active, and to have friends lists that are filled up with Halo:MCC players.

If you have interest in joining our ranks, send me a message, or just hop on to our website and check us out at ComradeGaming.enjin.com
We look forward to hearing from you!


Is your clan willing to clan battle the Epsilon Fleet? We are looking forward to having some clan battles to promote activity and such. If you were curious about our clan we have a website at EpsilonFleet.com! Just send me a message on Xbox Live (Darth Baum) and we can get one organized anytime that is convenient for you