If you wanna laugh at a Halo 4 video at 4AM

Bravo’s Covenant Weapons Breakdown

No this isn’t a community creation. It’s the trailer, just Bravo’s version of it.

P.S if you don’t have a sense of humor, you ain’t gonna laugh.

What did i just watch, oh its an ad, now onto the video

edit- he’s a bit hyper today xD

I really enjoyed this. xD


Still funny the 4th time I watched it


I find his voice annoying…

Lol I watched that last night at work. He needs more vids like that

> I find his voice annoying…

Me too.

Thanks OP, great laugh but he has to have chemical or herbal assistance lol.

Edit = Or, his body is producing way too much adrenaline when he watches Halo related material lol.

How is that funny? this Bravo worship has got to stop it’s freaky.