If you understand prometheon vision come here

Every person i have seen on the forums misunderstand its problems, its not that its op compared to the other AAs or not that great as we have a radar anyway which im actually 90 percent sure has had a range increase to compensate for the range of prometheon vision, its how it changes the way the game plays thats the problem.

Theres a reason AAs arent useable in MLG.

Halo, which was an arena shooter but now a class based shooter, is now a game where you know where everybody is at all times. This takes away the skill required to safely move around the map for one as you dont really need to worry anymore anyway about where the enemy is. So thats one less thing to worry about. Clever reactions to people who get the shot in is also no longer needed to be taken into consideration. As people know where everybody is this also naturally changes the way people navigate around the map.

In past games in a team fight you didnt know exactly where people were so theres a skill gap here. Now you know where everyone is its easier.

There is so much less work to do because of this armor ability.

Plus in the rare amount of games i have used it in, the amount of times i have used it from far away and got a kill i didnt deserve.

If ou dont understand how p vision affecs the game and you dont understand how it affects the engagements and all these other things then plz dnt comment.

I’ve got to be honest, if someone has a radar that tells them if their enemy is lower or higher than their own position, and knows the map well enough, then PVision only helps in those times where you were crouched trying to sneak.

Don’t forget that the enemy also knows when you’ve used it. If you change direction after their vision wears off they have lost their advantage - except for the radar which they had anyway (or could have a larger one, using the right perks).

So, in honesty, I don’t think it makes any more of an impact than being able to go invisible (and mess with the radar), attempt to trick people with a hologram (which can trick PVision users easily) or create a barrier out of no where.

In summary, my opinion is that it obviously provides some benefit to target finding - because clearly it does. But I certainly don’t think it is game breaking when thrown in the arena of all the other AAs.

I didn’t even read most of the posts in this thread but I know what it’s about. 343 turned the core of Halo into CoD.

We can only hope that when they roll out competitive ranks, they’ll roll out competitive playlists with them that restrict all this extra crap from being used. As it is right now, it’s not what I wanted to pay $60 for.

i saw the title and wasnt expecting complaints. Promethean vision is a great AA, i think its balanced. You cant see enemies that are cloaked, and it helps counter the problem of campers.

I mean c’mon, EVERY game people complain about campers, 343 comes up with a solution to counter it, and you guys -Yoink- and moan about it.

I want pro vision removed along with Active Camo.

I use PV as my only AA. It is good for me because I can know if a team is crouching around their flag and sometimes I can tell what weapon they have. I also know if I continue down a route how many people will I run into. I am limited though when it comes to map movement since I don’t have jetpack. It is also best for my button layout because I only have to hit the button once. Even though people say “deal with it” when it comes to playing claw, my wrists are too worn from computer programming, video games and guitar for it to be comfortable.