If you’re looking for a clan, look no more

Hello my name is Ren. I’m looking to find some active people to join my clan on halo 5. We are a military role play clan called the Terran Federation. I’m seeking out new players that are active and want to have a great time with a group of guys. Let me tell you I’ve been with this group for a little bit now and I really enjoy them. The rules are simple and easy, we host fun events, and have a great time overall. Now there is training but that helps you get better at the game. Meetings you do have to be official, but it isn’t that hard. Heck I feel completely confident around these guys and they listen to any ideas or concerns that you may have. If you’re new to the clan system come join us and we’ll teach you about it. If you’re in another clan say like UNSC or COVENANT come try it out. We’re active everyday Incase you were wondering. If you wish to contact me, message me on XBOX at Eyrros Ren. Have a good y’all

Can I join

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> Can I join

Yes you can, message me on Xbox. Gt is the same that it is on here